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Unban Free Fire Device By Change IMEI of your phone

_Download Device ID changer app from Google Play Store.

_ Follow the instruction in the app the change your phone ID.

_ After you are done, restart your phone.

_ Now you should be able to play Free Fire on that device again.

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Best Free Fire characters


_ This is the new character that arrived in Free Fire as part of the June 2020 update. His ability definitely makes him one of the strongest characters in the game thanks to increased damage to others and less to himself.

_ His special ability gives him greater damage if you succeed in hitting the enemies in the body. You will also experience a reduction in Headshot Damage received when shot at. Doing more damage to others while receiving less to a critical part of your body could greatly tilt the balance towards your Wolfrahh character.

DJ Alok

_ The abilities of DJ Alok can finally be moved, but of course, this will make DJ Alok's character become more dangerous too. Even if the character is not used, the ability that he has can be used by other characters.

_ If you are using this character in the match, try to be cautious around characters that are good at countering Alok. Because that way, you can give Alok's ability to other characters that are safer to use.


_ The ability possessed by Steffie, is quite good and deadly if you use it properly. Steffie will provide a high defense if she can bring out her ability in the match. If for example, you want a character that can reduce damage from enemies, of course, choose Steffie. Because you will last longer than other enemies.


_ He used to be ranked 2nd or 1st, but now Jota is not ranked as high. The ability of this character is still quite deadly, where if you use SMG Weapons or Shotgun you will be very dangerous.

_ Jota's ability will provide healing if you can defeat the enemy using these 2 types of weapons. This character's ability is very useful, especially when you are a player who prefers doing Rush.

See Characters Album here :

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Free Fire Advance Server is an Indonesian MOD that is meant to be an alternative server on which we can try out the latest functions of the game before the release of the official version. It works by means of invitations and users who are lucky enough to take part in the program must inform about possible errors regarding this future options and give plenty of feedback so they don't lose their privileges.

Download here : Direct Link

Requirements and additional information:

Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.0.3.

The installation of the app by means of the APK file requires the activation of the "Unknown sources" option within Settings>Applications.

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Free Fire OB22 Update: New Mode 'Grim Reaper' In Next Update

In Free Fire, we know there are various modes that can be played, which are Clash Squad Mode, Team Deathmatch, Classic, Rank, and so on. In any mode, you will be presented with a variety of different challenges that differ from one mode to another.

Free Fire New Mode GRIM REAPER Full Gameplay // Grim Reaper Free Fire New Mode // Grim reaper Mode

But for quite a while now, there have been many requests from Free Fire Survivors for a game mode, in which whoever wins is not the last Survivor standing, although that is the whole concept behind a Battle Royale game. What a lot of players want is a mode where the winner is the one who has the highest kill count.

Well, that game mode will be coming in the next update of Free Fire, as confirmed by Garena. The Free Fire new mode is called "Grim Reaper", and it is already being tested on the Advance Server for those with access to it. The rule of the game mode will be quite simple, which is "whoever defeats more enemies in less time wins."

What is Free Fire Grim Reaper mode?

In this mode, you can choose one of 4 sets of weapons that are prepared for the mode itself. Almost the same as Team Deathmatch Mode where you also choose one of 4 sets of weapons.

Later, in order to be able to change your character into a grim reaper, you need a few moments before the button in your Free Fire changes as shown above. After you press the button, your character will automatically turn into a grim reaper. While you are the grim reaper, you can kill enemies without having to bother shooting.

To calculate the points, you are required to get 20 kills when your character is reaping souls. Remember that even if you get thousands of kills before turning into a grim reaper, you won't get a single point. This is because the mode requires you to get as many kills as you can in the least amount of time possible, and you only do it as a grim reaper.

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✓ LEVEL -56

✓ SET SHIRTS - 58 / PANTS - 30

✓ ELITE PASS - 02.

✓ WEAPONS - 51( Attractive Gun Skin).



✓ CAPS - 17.


✓ BANNERS - 56

✓ BACKPACK - 17.

✓ LOOT BOX - 8



✓EMOTES - 8.


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